Friday, September 23, 2011

I'm a Sucker for a Smile

Sheesh I really am. You could be the meanest person, give me bad vibes, and ignore my existence, but if you just so flash the smallest of smiles all the negativity will melt away. The other day I saw one of my "enemeies", to sum it up we had a love/hate (extreme hate) relationship in which we we really liked one another then came to detest each other's presence. I never quite understood what we had nor do I really want to...but anyways before I get off topic. I happened to see him skateboarding down the street and pretend i didn't see him, when all of a sudden he stops his board and starts walking towards me.

Let's get this straight we hated each other to the point we would scream obscenities at one another in school and make a huge scene. So you can understand that why I started hyperventilating and wondering if he was going to flip me off or something. I was about to turn away when he walks up and stops directly in front of me, he looks me into the eye, and I close mine counting slowly to five before opening them. When I do, I feel myself sucking in a breath. Who did he think he was for looking at me with those pretty green eyes, grinning ear to ear with that darn dimple I always liked. Grrrr!!!!!!! Not only was I going crazy because we ignored each other for three years straight he took a step closer, said sorry and hugged me. Yup, I just stood there  like an idiot wondering what was going on. I'm sorry to say my acting skills didn't work for me at this point because any words running through my head failed to be spoken. So he grabs my hand laughs and says "I know Hannah, I know" and just freaking hugs me for five minutes.Overall I guess I am a sucker for smiles, because I definitely would have never let him.....never mind.

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