Friday, October 14, 2011

College so far

It wasn't until one of my friends asked how many units I was taking and looked at me with a crazed expression that I realized...I really did take on a full load. I don't know why it hit me then, considering I received that same look from many others. Perhaps its because it is the 7th week and I have to study even more than I already am to do well on my midterms. But no, I will not complain about school and how difficult my French class is, or that the material we are covering in physical geography is truly aggravating. Instead I will make remarks on the things I have found interesting. First off, I have been getting approached by the most random people which I would normally love because I literally laugh at everything and enjoy conversing with others on any given subject. But, it hasn't been like this lately. If you know me, one of my biggest pet peeves is Big Egos...from anyone. I appreciate those with confidence, and the occasional bragging, but others take it too far.

I was at the computer lab one day studying for an upcoming exam when the guy next to me turns around and asks me, "do you know anything about the weather in California?".  I was trying so hard not to laugh in his face and managed to muster out, "it's quite spontaneous but I love it". He then looked me twice over and decided he should tell me that we had 14 climatic zones. I was actually interested in what he was talking about and remained engaged in "his conversation". At this point we exchanged introductions, talked about our majors and what we hoped in the future. In my head I was thinking he's a pretty cool guy that is until, "Sam" pulls his syllabus, resume, and personal websites, explaining to me that he was totally different from other guys. I told him he probably was especially with the major he was going into.But then "Sam" looked me straight in the eye and told me flat out I didn't understand, "a guy like him takes difficult courses, sails through his classes, and gets anything he wants". You know, my understanding self was like "oh that determination is awesome, I love it.

But then "Sam" goes on for twenty minutes about his greatest achievements and by the end which I'm surprised I didn't fall asleep; he suggestively asks, "If we could talk about weather sometime?". Okay, I admit I laughed which to my horror probably came out as some sort of flirty giggle. But "Sam" took it as a go sign. He then proceeded to write down his contact info in MY notebook, formulate some sort of weird wink (which btw made me laugh harder), then as he was leaving said "Oh Hannah, you will most definitely need to hit me up, because I might be your best chance of a real guy around here". So as you can tell I was literally shaking of laughter not knowing what to do with myself. But then I realized oh no, omg, "Sam" could be right...not that I was interested in him but guys like him may be my only hope. Ahhhhaa totally just kidding.

Oh man, I really hope I am.......

I do realize I mentioned that there were many things I have found interesting in college, but as you can see this story took up a whole post so I'll just save the rest for later.

Side note: Wow, I still haven't posted about my excursions in Europe. Yeah I'll get to that sometime soon, like when midterms aren't killing me and I get more than 3 hours of sleep :)

à bientôt!!!

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