Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Live While You're Young

I never knew that so many events could occur in a week and a half. The most exciting and crazy things have happened and to be honest I feel like I truly am 20 years old. I've met many new faces, go out and stay out until the morning, barely get any sleep, laugh to my heart's content, and jump at the opportunity to new things. For instance, about two nights ago my friend and I decided to go out to have a nice dinner and take pictures along the promenade. We went to the beach so I could take some lovely shots of the full moon and ended up meeting two new friends. They were playing their guitars together and had actually met about 30 minutes prior to meeting us. One was an Australian who had just arrived in Nice that day and decided to check out the beach while the other was a local who was originally from Paris. We stayed on the beach listening to them play beautiful melodies and talked for hours. We became friends almost immediately and ended up hanging out the following night (last night)-and this is where the real fun began! We met up at the Australian guy's hostel where we met his new friend and ended up drinking together. After this our French friend drove us to this beautiful beach called Villefranche-sur-Mer. I mean,  just the fact that I was able to see the beautiful seaside cliffs from within a car was jaw dropping itself despite the full moon illuminating the Mediterranean sea. I was forced to play the singer that night to accompany the music and later we found ourselves enjoying a warm midnight swim. So, that was last night's festivities and all I have to say is that more than the moon was bare that night. 

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