Monday, July 22, 2013

Antibes, France

During the Weekend a few girls from my language program and I took an excursion trip outside of Nice. We took the French train called the SNCF to Antibes, France which is a charming beach town located on the French Riviera. Upon arriving we headed directly to the open air market where we tried a wide array of delicious samples. For instance, I really hate Olives but whatever I tried that day was more than just tolerable...but amazing. I guess the French really know what they are doing when it comes to food. After stuffing my face with jams I never knew existed and the chickpea pancake called 'Socca' we headed to an Absinthe bar-you know that green drink that is associated with a fairy? I thought the whole procedure of making the drink was nicer than the taste itself hehhe. After getting a 2pm buzz we headed over to eat Antibes' best ice cream along the dock then went swimming and sunbathing for the rest of the day. Antibes was absolutely parfaite and I would totally visit again!

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