Monday, June 3, 2013

Russian Bands

I stumbled upon the group Pompeya while I was randomly looking for music on YouTube. On the first listen to their song '90' I was hooked. It is rare when I find an artist or band and instantly like all of their songs. At that moment I knew I had found some sort of hidden musical treasure (no, not indie at all). However, my heart sank when I came to the realization that the chances of a 'unknown' Moscow band (that is by western standards) would probably have zero chances of touring in the U.S. So when I found out that Pompeya was going to be playing in Los Angeles I literally freaked. LITERALLY. I proceeded to abstain from hyperventilating over the phone while informing my friends of the concert. They didn't have the most exciting reactions as they could barely understand what I was saying and had no idea who the group was. Yet, my persuasiveness worked like a charm and we found ourselves on Sunset Blvd. on a Saturday night. After a few hours of amazing music, paisley rompers, getting hit on by a musician who was desperate for love, and interrogating drunk guys who love sandwiches I can say I had the best/entertaining night. 

Hahhah is all I can say!

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