Wednesday, May 15, 2013

She Fought On

I really did. I just survived a year at university. Honestly, I never thought this day would come. With the constant stress, 3-4 weekly papers, presentations, five am bedtimes, group meetings and trying to keep myself together I thought I would never reach the finish line. Oh but thank goodness I somehow did. I finished my last final on Monday and walked back to my place in a daze. The same thought running through my head.."I'm done, I'm really done?". The slogan for my school is "Fight on". It's funny how I have known that saying all my life but never realized the importance of it until a week ago. I was writing a paper on my balcony at 1am (the chilly air helps me stay up and focus). While I was sitting waiting for the caffeine from my coffee to kick in, I stared exasperatedly at the night sky as if it had an answer to my unfinished workload. Then almost on cue "fight on" popped into my head. At that moment I let out a long "ooh", chuckled to myself and continued with a vigorous spirit that strangely lasted all week long. Although this year was quite difficult I would not trade the experience for anything in the world. I grew, I learned and I conquered. 

I forgot to mention that as of today I am officially a double major. I scheduled a meeting with an advisor and left the office with French as my second major to complete during my undergraduate studies. I had all year to make this decision. At first I believed a minor would be sufficient but something inside me wanted more, so the major it was! I feel a sense of relief having officially declared it but more excited to continue my studies en français! 

Now that summer is 'here' I can finally focus on the things I have been putting off all semester long. What has been bothering me the most is my passport. I need to get that thing renewed,  like ASAP!! I hope to do a bit of travelling this summer. I have an ideal destination in mind that would allow me to study as well, however I admit I'm nervous. I think it may have to do with the disapproval of my parents more than getting on an airplane and jetting off somewhere by my lonesome. I hope I have the courage to go through with the whole idea. Sorry for all the suspicion but I won't even mention the plan unless I am 100% sure it's happening and I am in the works of purchasing my plane ticket. Anyways, I am sure this summer will be interesting. I don't want to name it anything because I think my theme will be 'Just go for it". Instead of over planning and hesitating events I will go for it. I'll keep you updated but I hear my bed calling my name since I have not fully recovered from the sleepless nights. 

Jusqu'à la prochaine fois!

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  1. Félicitations pour une annee a' universite' Hannah.

    Et, je devez voyage! J'espere que vous faites. Ou' voulz-vous aller?

    Je suis tres desole que je n'ai pa repondu' a vorte email. Je vais bientot =)

  2. Congrats on finishing up the year at university!! To complete something you weren't sure you could is the best feeling! And I'm very intrigued by your potential summer plans! I hope everything gets worked out & look forward to reading more about it :)