Thursday, May 2, 2013

Santa Barbara

Every time I come to Santa Barbara I fall even even more in love with it than I already am. I really could see myself settling down here when I am older. They have it all with easy access to the beach, mountains, lakes and and all kinds of nature, and I'll only be about a two hour drive from la la land. I sigh dreamily just thinking about it. For the birthday I felt like doing something different. Most kids my age would be far more interested in getting dolled up and having dinner at a nice restaurant or raging at the clubs. While that is fun, one I am not yet 21, two, I will not engage in any 'ludicrous' activities before finals start, and three ha ha I knew I'd be able to do all this stuff in a couple weeks when the semester ends. So where did I go? I went to a beautiful, peaceful garden and it was absolute perfection. The tranquil space of  flowers, trees, and creeks elevated me to the highest level of happiness. It was truly a beautiful birthday. I woke up that sunny morning feeling content. I had everything I needed and no prettily wrapped gift could change my mind. This past year I feel that I have come to gain a better understanding of gratitude. The little things, the big things and all the in betweens mean so much to me and I just want to let myself, you and the universe know that I am extremely thankful. Thankful for it ALL. I don't know if this is a part of growing up, or me just sounding more and more like a hippie but I sincerely mean each and every of those words.

Reminds me of the Redwood Forest
Santa Barbara Mission
Goleta beach