Sunday, September 23, 2012

Maybe she's a sports chick

My university is pretty big on sports and I don't want to say I never cared for competitive physical activities but more so I never attended any 'interesting' games. A couple boring NBA and high school football experiences had me leaving the arena before half time even started. However, this has all changed in the last couple of days. It all started with my first legit volleyball game. My uni was competing against our biggest cross town rivalry so it was imperative that we couldn't lose. Besides the fact of me already loving volleyball, all I wanted was for us to crush the other team and send them back home crying. Is that so bad? This is another reason why I never was too enthusiastic about sports beforehand, if I actually get into the game I'll drive you nuts with my constant yelling, threats, and toned down version of profanity. Yeah, envision some girl decked out in her school's attire, pink bows in hair, making threats at the referee for an uncalled for penalty.....I know I'm not the only female like this out there!

Anyways the game was awesome, adrenaline was pumping through my body the whole game, and I wasn't even on the court! A few day later I felt a few remnants of adrenaline in my system because I was actually craving to be in a cheering stadium...and that is how I ended up attending my uni's football game. Besides the blistering sun it was such an amazing experience. My school has so much spirit that I'm not used to, so I couldn't help but join the crowd in singing, cheering, and booing the other opponent. I guess I posted this to finally verify with myself that I'm actually into sports more than I thought I was! Yeeeeeahhhhh, can't wait for the next game!!!!!!

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