Saturday, September 15, 2012

Finding My Niche

It's going to take a bit more than three weeks for me to get used to the new surroundings and people in my life. I have attended more events than I can count, met some amazing individuals, and pushed myself way out of my comfort zone. However, I don't feel entirely immersed into this new realm. I think the biggest roadblock so far is the academic aspect. Boy oh boy am I way over my head. So far my major seems to perfectly define the words 'challenge', 'analysis', and 'migraine'. Having to jump straight into an upper division course because all the intro classes were full has me a tad bit worried. . Yet, I guess I'll take everyone's advice (even the nagging one in my head) that with time everything will settle into place. Although I was aware of this I expected things to move faster...ha ha I guess I'm learning life isn't always like that. But in a way I am a bit excited and proud of myself for stepping out my shell and going for things I'd never usually do, so I guess the adventure has really just begun.....

Especially with the new purchase of my Sexy New DSLR!!! I slaved ALL summer to pay for this baby and am so happy to finally see the fruits of my labor. It's like a dream come true I tell you. The crystal clear quality and endless options of photo opportunities has me snapping pictures like there is no tomorrow. I've only spent two days with my baby because I knew that if I brought it with me to school my assignments would never get completed. So, while I sit here like an addict without her drugs err I mean camera, here is a preview of what I captured last weekend. Btw, this is all on automatic for now until I figure out when to use particular apertures.

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