Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Let's frolic through the forest

I have been seriously deprived and secretly depressed for the past few months or so. The repressed feelings, lack of creativity, stress, and inability to just let go started to become more constant. Although I've known the cure for quite some time, I never thought it would be possible until the semester officially ended. So let me inform you about the problem: I NEED nature. Foliage, greenery, the smell of cedar and pine, an open sky, starry nights, campfires, and long hikes through the forests. This is the issue at hand! I don't know where this all came from, this desire to always be grounded by mother earth and immersed into her beauty. I believe it has something to do with how my parents raised me. From a young age I remember always being on the road to a new natural destination. Sleeping under the stars, nature hikes, fishing, climbing mountainous terrain was the norm every weekend. But lately I have became so reliant on what the world and society wants and expects from me. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate where I am in life, worked hard to get here, and have a purpose and reasoning to be in this current place. However, my spiritual side has been lacking and I just need some time away to reenergize myself. So, perhaps it was the impatience and prayers but opportunity came knocking at my door. This weekend I'll be in the forest for a retreat. I am excited but more relieved to finally be able to go back to my "roots". Are any of you guys nature lovers who appreciate the earth and beauty around us?

Photos that inspire and make me feel at peace


  1. I am a nature lover at heart as well. For some totally breathtaking photos of our amazing planet :

    Check my blog out @: http://www.daydreamingblogger.blogspot.com

  2. I really love the cool hunter website, haven't been on there for awhile. Thank you!!