Saturday, August 4, 2012

"Don't Stop Dancing Girl"

You know that moment when your favorite songs comes on and you just bust out dancing, or when your friend randomly shows up at your doorstep with brownie Sundays, or when you get an e-mail informing you that your new order of clothes has just been shipped? Err maybe not everyone can relate but this totally describes my level of excitement!

Last Friday I attended my university's orientation. It was a long and informative day that did nothing but my confirm my beliefs that my school is pretty darn awesome. The endless opportunities and global connections had me smiling from ear to ear, but enough with bragging about my school. I had been stressing about my housing situation since the day I got my acceptance because spots were filling up so fast. After orientation we headed over to an apartment complex to find out about leasing. To be honest, I had no idea why we were even considering this place because 1. it was super expensive 2. luxurious, thus meaning 3. it's hella expensive. Well it figures, after a ten minute tour of the rooms and building I walked out of there with a contract to an apartment. Yeah, it just all happened so fast, it took quite awhile for the information to be absorbed. I don't think the fact that I will be leaving my parent's house in less than three weeks has sunk in, but moving into an apartment has! I'm super excited as well as busy because I'm planning every single detail of how I want my things be organized and arranged, according to a similar color pattern. All the meticulous planning has reassured me that a career in interior design is not for me. I bet the finished product for my clients would not only be super late but most likely reflect my individual tastes instead of their own....

Hehe, but I digress as usual and am not quite done describing that awesome Friday. After a few transactions my mom and I went to grab a lunch consisting of massive burritos and me squealing over my new apartment! While running my mouth I abruptly stopped mid sentence and realized that the day was about to get better. After a quick change into "comfortable" dance attire, I hopped onto a train to meet my friend at a concert venue. We were going to be seeing my favorite DJ of exactly 4 years, KASKADE!!!! This truly was the best concert  dance party that I had attended in my 19 years of living. Kaskade himself, the quality surround sound, exuberant crowd, and glow in the dark venue was amazing. I really recommend those who are not really into to this type of scene to branch out and try it once. Who knows, you may end up all glittered up like the rest of us Freaks of Nature :)

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