Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Move On Up!

Life can change in a matter of seconds. Since the age of five I've dreamed about attending a particular university, and about a week ago this lifelong dream finally became a reality! I like to be realistic about my future endeavors and academic goals, but sometimes its takes a bit of faith and belief in oneself to take the plunge. Those who feared for my future suggested many a times I applied to various institutions, yet I only had my eye on one place. No amount of course loads, difficult professors, nagging family members, or nonbelievers was going to stop me from getting where I wanted. It was pure faith, dedication, and determination that got me to where I am and I just want to encourage everyone, as corny as it sounds, that you can achieve anything if you believe. Get off the couch, change that negative mindset, and focus on the road ahead :) 

*I've been M.I.A so expect an incoming lengthy post.

*And on a musical note, "Move On Up" by Curtis Mayfield helped me get through some tough times. Consider it the oldies or not, it's still a meaningful song.

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  1. Woah very cool, nicely done =) Now to work on the next big dream.