Saturday, June 2, 2012

A Student's Nightmare

Well folks, it's that grueling part of the's week! Ugh, the only thing keeping me sane is faith, chamomile tea, the sound of Keane, cookies, and thirty minute power naps. I am extremely nervous for how well I will perform because I am on what I would like to describe as-the edge of a cliff for each class. Can you believe that one of my courses is based off three exams, the last one being 60% of our grade? *Sigh* don't even get me started on French....the material is just a bit harder to process even with all the studying!! Yet, I know it will somehow turn out fine because staying up until 4 am processing info has it's perks, right?

Here is today's FAILED attempt at studying  
8am: Started(attempted) a reading
9am-11am: Stared at my half written essay
12-2pm: Decided lunch with a friend was more interesting than analyzing literature
4pm: Made up more excuses. "Let's go get dessert!"
Diddy Riese's ice cream sandwiches=HEAVEN
10pm: "Okay let's hit the books."
 5 minutes later..."Ooh, what's on TV?"


  1. Lol. Hilarious post! I can relate.

    I hate when finals come along because you feel like there is so much to do when there really isn't, so you procrastinate and leave studying to the last minute. It. Is. Annoying.

    You have a great sense of humor, reminding me a little of my blog (in a good way). Good luck on your finals!

    -The Anon Blogger