Friday, July 13, 2012

Wake Up Dazed Girl

Everything seems so surreal these days, or perhaps the shock of my admittance still hasn't worn off. Either way, you'll find me with a distant look in my eye and overly hyper energy due to the unholy amounts of coffee I've been drinking to stay awake. There is so much on my mind because I'm officially a working girl!! Well, more so a temporary worker, but I am super stoked as well as grateful to have this job especially with all the upcoming expenses of moving. I also have mad respect for you guys who work long hours because eight is my cut off point...seriously. Any how, I can't help but notice that summer is slipping right before my eyes! I've been so focused on work that I've forgotten that this is the season of sunshine, happiness, and absolute nothingness. Although this is entirely my fault for not taking the initiative to go through with plans, I am still trying to get accustomed to the routine of being in an office environment instead of a classroom or lecture hall. If anything, the part time transition has made me realize a few new things about myself.

1. Awesome probability solver
For example, paycheck+newly found appeal for online shopping = the probability of a fashionable broke girl!

2. Ongoing dislike for coffee
To make it more tolerable I add hot chocolate and about a dozen or so french vanilla creamers. Yeah, real healthy, and probably the reasoning behind my abnormal bursts of energy.

3. Touch Critic
I admit, I'm pretty harsh on myself because of my own high expectations. I feel that oh so natural (annoying) tendency of mine to try to "never" fail, stirring inside. Once it starts, it gets pretty hard to control. And in all honesty, this mindset has it's pros and cons. Pro: endless drive to succeed. Con: Rest and relaxation is uncertain, thus leading me to be off the edge.

4. Positivity
Forgive me if you believe this statement may contradict with the above, but I truly do believe that I am acquiring a more positive attitude. Like I referenced before, I don't like making mistakes in terms of work(who does). While there is the obvious frown and frustrating sigh, I've realized how else am I supposed to learn? Also, I sincerely appreciate the opportunity and look forward to what these growing skills can obtain for me in the future.

So, with these newly discovered tendencies of mine and an adaptation to a new environment, I believe I can finally start enjoying summer. A Real summer! You see, blogging sort of centers me back into focus and relaxes my nerves; a total stress reliever.

*On a side note, simply because I seem to being doing a lot of those lately: Went to a Ron Pope concert with one of my friends. While we had plenty of inside jokes (mainly involving his massive lumberjack, grizzly bear beard he was rocking) it was an amazing night. Loved the intimate concert settings and Ron's soulful voice.

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  1. "You see, blogging sort of centers me back into focus and relaxes my nerves; a total stress reliever"

    I know exactly what you mean...