Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Phew I did it! I have finished winter classes and received the A that I worked my butt off for. My professor had us analyze and over analyze all types of literature until we could write 10-12 page essays on any insignificant topic within the works. Hahha, It was a bit challenging but I loved every moment of it! The only reason I was so stressed was because all my work was due around the same time I had another university's entrance essay to submit. I finished that as well, hallelujah, after creating over ten (unnecessary) versions.... So with all that done I can finally take a breather. For like five minutes, because I have officially started my second semester of classes.Yayyy more school work! Okay I'll stop with the sarcasm. It really sounds like I'm complaining but the truth is that although I'm exhausted, I enjoy learning. Ever since graduating high school the material I've been learning in college seems much more interesting and relevant to life. Not only that, but the learning environment is serious, teachers no longer babysit, and I'm surrounded by a vast amount of kids who still care about their education. So, I'm very pleased with what college has offered me so far.

It feels like all I talk about is school nowadays. Don't worry I won't bore everyone to tears, if I haven't already. But I'm very excited because my best friend just informed me that we are going to attend a Coldplay concert! Of course, I screamed and squealed in the middle of a crowded restaurant like any normal person when I found out. I decided to interpret people's annoyed stares and raised eyebrows as silent reactions of jealousy. They were just pissed that Ticketmaster sold out too fast. Suckas! Anyways, I just realized in the next few months I might be going to quite a few concerts. But, I'm really hoping and literally praying my friend's uncle is able to get us tickets to this music festival called Coachella. Only a handful of my favorite artists on planet earth will be there!! It's basically a huge music fest/PARTY held out in the middle of the desert, what could be more awesome than that?! Actually, I could think of a 100 much more awesome things, but you get the gist of it.

I sound very scattered and all over the place, but I'm kind of enjoying that for now, especially since I'm typically strict with school. Overall, I hope all of you work hard and get what you deserve! My new motto is work hard but PLAY HARDER!!!

 I'll never tire of this song, never ever.

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