Monday, January 16, 2012

Craziness on a Whole New Level

Salut à tous!

It's been awhile, right? Or at least it seems like it. Apparently a year since I last blogged. Alright, with all bad jokes aside. I just read my last blog post and did this in the exact order: cringe, reminisce, get sad, then laugh at how ridiculous I was being. I'm probably not making any sense, but the story explains my absence. Last post I mentioned how I had pretty much been spirituality awakened. I'm not going to babble on about that, but I will tell you how I realized that this group that my best friend and I met are CRAZY! If was like after we got baptized everything started to go downhill. These people became extremely controlling and overbearing!! If we missed out on one of their events we would get a bunch of calls and texts from people we didn't know. Our numbers were being passed around so they could keep some sort of eye on us. I remember my friend and I going Christmas Shopping and not being able to go their event that day. Guess how many calls I received? Twenty-eight to be exact. It must have sucked for them, because by the fifth call I was already pretty annoyed.

We didn't keep in touch with them for two days because we were both busy with school. So do you think it's normal to have eight people show up at your doorstep? Umm, no. Yeah, by that point we figured that they had to be insane. Another thing, if you inform them that you are unable to go to an event they tell you to "seek advice" and give you a huge guilt trip you. At this point some of you may get the impression that I'm a gullible person who isn't aware of anything. That is completely false. From the start I always had my guard up and never fully trusted them. However, I admit that I was swindled. These people had good intentions it's just that they had major control issues. Particularly the girls. They were really possessive of the people they made good friendships with. Being the sort of free flowing person that I am, that crap drove me nuts! Anyways, to make the story shorter my friend and I ended things with them three days ago. It was pretty difficult too. We go to school and live around some of these kids. We spoke to one of their reps who seemed kind of iffy about staying with them himself. It was like an undercover meeting, we gave him instructions to meet him at a remote place on campus and to not bring anyone with him. Then we proceeded to say why we wanted out. He understood our decision but was sad for our departure. All I did was give him a sad smile and informed him to tell everyone that,"I never wanted to be associated with them. Stop with all the fake side hugs, and definitely don't show up at my house uninvited or I will call the cops or perhaps just personally kick your butts".

So that definitely was a lesson well learned. I'll just stick to bible studies with my friends and family and not with these random kids. Also, once again, I have to unwillingly give props to my dad . Yes daddy you were right, but hey it was a crazy leaning experience that I was able to grow from and I lasted longer than a month, so Hah! And just to clear things up, this wasn't some crazy Scientology thing. These kids went to a normal church, it's just that they made their members lives centered around the church, I'm talking at least five days of the week committed to it. Talk about Crazy..... Anyways, with all the "cult" stuff aside. This year is going to be very crazy. Actually I really don't know. Currently I am doing a ton of things for uni. I should be on vacation until the end of February. But instead  I try to be the "overachiever" and take extra classes for winter. Since a semester of work is being squeezed into a few weeks, I admit that I'm a bit overwhelmed. Also I have this huge essay due by February 1st that could possibly crush my dreams. But no biggie, at least I'm still sane! Nah, you guys I think it's all a part of growing up and just learning how to manage priorities. Having a blog is really great, because I'll most likely read this post in a couple months and laugh at myself....which I've been doing a lot lately.

*Sorry peeps, that was my short venting session. But I'm totally excited for the awesomeness 2012 is going to bring!
You've been warned :)


  1. Ha no way! It's funny that it turned out that way lol. I am picturing it now, a horde of crazed people waving bibles and chasing you down the street shouting "Come study with us Hannah!!". Although that's just my imagination.

    Cool post.

  2. Wow Aaron!! LOL it's so funny how on point you are.....because they actually used to do this! It's funny how those nightmares actually became reality hahha :/