Sunday, May 15, 2011

Who would have known?

I never thought I would be attending my senior prom....but I guess I am now.  Let's get something straight. I defintely was Never one of those girls who dreamed or planned prom like a future wedding. This year has been really hectic, stressful, and not to mention an emotional rollar coaster due to colleges so I sort of discarded prom, especially since I cared more about my trip to Europe this summer! All my friends and family nagged me about it, but I felt neutral. But randomly on Friday I ended up buying my ticket and getting a date...can you say woah?!

So this weekend my mom and I went dress shopping. I had mentally prepared myself to be searching for hours but we ended up finding the perfect dress in less than an hour! Another thing that shocked me, since apparently everything is a surprse in the face, is that my dress is BLUE! I was totally against this color and wanted either red, black, or white but literally when I put on the dress it fit like a glove. I like simplicity with a NICE touch of elegance, and this dress went beyond my expectations.

Overall, I guess I'm more nervous than excited which I have no idea why. With prom less than 3 weeks away I still have to think of what I am going to do with this long, crazy, curly hair of mine!!

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