Monday, May 9, 2011

Dance the Night Away!

Hello, long time no talk or post!! I actually feel guilty when I don't update this blog, and I have no idea why. Lately I've just been gone.... my house was getting fumigated, I spent time with my grandma, did a whole bunch of school projects, but enough with the boring stuff.

On Saturday it was one of my really good friend's birthday, and she had just turned 18. So we decided or planned awhile ago to go dancing....yeah like at a club. It was a first for all of us, but really fun. I don't do drugs, party hard, or drink I just LOVE dancing. The only downside was the repetitive music, I wished they played more electronic; and the occasional creeper, us girls just wanted to dance but I assume in this type of atmosphere that your expected to be approached by weirdos O_O
But anyways, we had a blast and went out to eat afterwards!

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