Monday, May 2, 2011

Birthday Weekend

Yay, I am officially 18 years old! Honestly, my birthday just felt like a normal day, but what made it the best day ever was the good energy, smiles, and laughter I got from everyone....NO ONE at my school was in a bad mood! I didn't go out to dinner strangely, but I received a gym pass!! Besides the happiness, health, and family receiving the gym pass was the next best thing!! I had been asking for this for about two years!

The next day one of my best friends and I went to Six flags. After all the millions of times I have been there (6 to be exact..hehhe over dramatic much?)  I could never get myself to go on this ride called Goliath. I love going upside down but one thing I have extreme trouble with is drops! That sounds a bit weird considering that all coasters have drops but, Goliath from afar looks like Death in my eyes. Going up the long hill to the top, I threatened (jokingly) that I would kill my friend for dragging me onto this ride if I didn't end up dying first. Let's just say after I got off, I felt amazing and proud of myself for conquering this small fear.

The next day another best friend and I spent the day lounging at Santa Monica Beach. Being from Los Angeles and wanting to leave this place all the time, I complain about how much so and so place is better in Spain, Canada, or any other place in the world. That day I shut up for once, took in my surroundings, and truly appreciated what I had before me. The setting and feeling was truly bliss and by the end of the day my friend and I promised we would buy a beach house together. Something about the warm sun, cool breeze, and the waves softly crashing in the background just gave me a feeling of was almost intoxicating(and I don't drink).
P.S-There isn't any use blogging about Osama when Everyone knows he just enjoy the pictures!

I tossed my troubles in the sand :)

Beuatiful Sunset

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