Tuesday, April 26, 2011

No Peanut Butter, but opting for Nutella!

Is it weird that I have a travel playlist?? I mean, I randomly find what I think are beautiful songs that constantly Inspire me, is anyone else like this? Anyways I'm excited and bummed at the same time.

Bad news first, my doctor called me today and informed that I am mildly allergic to peanuts!!! I already had a feeling that I was but everyone knows I Love peanut Butter. I ate it every day, no lie, EVERY DAY..even hahh when I started itching! I came to accept it a couple months ago, but hearing my doctor verify it today, just sort of mad e me sad...whatever I'm already getting over it because of how surprisingly well I have deprived myself of peanut butter for these past few months :(

But pshhh, I be allergic to peanuts than NOT go to Europe! Yeah, Europe! I am beyond excited. Last year around this time my best friend went on a trip to Spain, France, and Italy. I got this strange feeling in my stomach like a sort of hunger to go and see the world myself and see all it has to offer. It was our junior year and between all the miserable AP tests and Sat practice tests, her trip strangely got me through the rest of the year. After this it just seemed like a blur of travel books, Globe Trekker, maps, and anything else having to do with London, Paris, Venice, Florence, and Rome.

In case your wondering this is my graduation present,  and it took my mom loads of convincing! Another friend of mine and her mother were going to accompany us, but things got complicated. Having booked our Venice and Florence Hotels yesterday and only needing Rome to book, I just feel so blessed...not to mention once again EXCITED! I have only been out of the country once-which was to the Philippines, but I have never been to Europe. I understand that we are going during the high season and these destinations are very touristy, but honestly people would YOU pass up the opportunity?!!

Although I am going to these Amazing "cliche" places, doesn't mean I don't like taking the back roads. In actuality I prefer the more edgier and adventurous routes but this is a learning experience until I return back(which will be Several times). I like planning, but I have overdone it a bit for this trip so just can't wait until the end of June to really embark my journey. Hahha I'm already planning a trip to Canada, but I constantly tell myself One Step at A time, Hannah!!!! :)


  1. You're so lucky! You're going to have loads of fun. I was thinking about allergies the other day, and I can't even imagine being allergic to peanuts! It's in my Thai blood to eat something with peanuts all of the time! But at least it's mild, right? Always look on the bright side of life! (Gotten from a movie, which I forget at the moment)

    Missing Amsie Blog

  2. Ooooh ahha thank you, im sooo excited. But yeah jus this morning I was looking to make something for breakfast and the first thing I saw in the kitchen was a Beautiful Big jar of PEANUT BUTTER...I really wanted to cry!!! But I certainly am going to take your advice and be more positive about things!! Thank you :)

  3. Have fun!!! I went to Italy too and Rome is my favorite city in the world! I just wish I had more time there to explore everything! I also went to Florence, its pretty but not as cool as you would think! My hostel was nice and the food is AMAZING!!! I wish I was going there too!