Monday, April 25, 2011

Drifting towards tomorrow

Sadly, it's a Sunday night and I have to return to school tomorrow. But honestly it's no biggie, because as a senior my schedule is shorter, I get to arrive at school later and leave what's to complain about? The past few days I haven't exactly been busy, but just more occupied with things. I went out with a really good friend we got frozen yogurt..which I ABSOLUTELY LOVE, exercised for a bit, and made a homemade dinner. I ran two days worth of errands and helped my mom go shopping for her trip to Vegas. I could give two cents about Vegas, it really isn't my scene. Having gone there my for my first time in December, as soon as we hit the strip I wanted OUT! The smoke, casinos, skanky dresses. Ughhh, Anyways!

The only reason I am upset is  for my mom leaving, because it is the day after my birthday. I officially turn 18 this Thursday and the following Friday morning she is to leave. I have exactly three days before I hit the big 18 and I can't help but think are things really going to be different...or more exciting? Whatever, I don't know I'll let whatever happens happen. but what I DO know is that this darn Face mask is making me feel as stiff as a board! I think I'll end the night or (morning) by listening to some Justin Nozuka and sipping some tea. Sweet Dreams:)


  1. Happy Birthday in a few days time =)

    As a suggestion for your blog if you don't mind, but adding paragraphs can make for much easier reading. I look forward to seeing where this blog takes you.

  2. Thank you very much! :)
    And wow, I didn't even notice that I didn't space what I wrote, thank you again!!!!