Thursday, April 21, 2011

Grunion Run!

On Tuesday night some friends and I went to do some extra credit for our Marine Biology Class. We went to attend the Grunion run which is when a small type of silvery fish spawns. What makes the event so special is that these fish only come out during a certain time of year April-July from the Coast of Southern California to Baja California to spawn OUT OF WATER!! After the high tide on certain nights within this period you find beaches covered in Grunion-females despostiting eggs into the sand and males releasing their milt. Sounds totally gross, but sitting on the beach for an hour or two feeling dissapointed that maybe tonight wasn't the right time. To when the large crowd suddenly gasps at seeing the first batch of small silvery fish dancing in the darkness-it truly is awesome!!!  I recommend people to go out and see this event, it really is intriguing and plus the aquarium is open at this time as well. Here are some pics!
Beautiful to look but dangerous to touch

Cute Starfish :)

One lone straggler

Here they come!

The entire beach looked like this!

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