Monday, April 18, 2011

"No Silly It's Monday, not Sunday"

Here I am on a monday night enjoying the first day of my "uneventful" Spring Break :)
By uneventful I mean savoring these moments of absolute nothing, or what I would call-reading, watching tv, and eating. I know, I know hahha sounds pretty boring and typical but my "nothing" moments are pretty eventful. I read various pages from stacks of travel books(preferably london and paris), watched travel shows(Globetrekker, Anthony Bourdain, and Rick steves) and made Chicken al Romana today...yah you could say I have a Love to travel...or a WANT! Sometimes I feel as if I waste my days, but lately after the recent turn of events I have obtained a slower pace for life. I know this may sound weird coming from a 17 almost 18 year old, but you have to understand I was (am still) a worrisome person & a planner. So I figure this week I'll just let whatever happens....Happen. So I guess I'll go watch a couple firends reruns and make some tea, and see what tomorrow will bring.
P.S If anyone reads this, I give my apologies if this post bores you....would you rather read about someone who is provocative and edgy? Well then, search for someone else.
-Hannah :)

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