Monday, November 19, 2012

Food Deprived College Students?

I am literally typing this post in a short of breath because of all the grilled steak, parmesan asparagus, and cheesy mashed potatoes I had consumed for dinner. Who would ever thought that a busy college student such as myself would have the time to make daily meals. No, I'm am not the stereotypical student who wines and dines on a cup of noodles and Gatorade or the free pizza given out at club meetings. I really like to cook, yet 'never' have the time. So how in the world amongst my stressful schedule am I able to pin recipes on Pinterest and actually go through with cooking them? I think this may have to do with my roommate. We just clicked from the beginning and have been cooking buddies ever since. We share all our food and groceries and make dinner quite an affair with our various concoctions. Economically it's quite logical in the sense that we are able to put our ingredients to use and abstain from eating out all the time. But honestly, call it whatever you want because I am just excited to have ignited that lost spark and enthusiasm that I once had for food. I enjoy putting the time, effort, and as cheesy as it sounds 'love' into my creations. So, without further ado here is proof for my mother that I am eating well that not ALL college students are food deprived and malnourished.

Breakfast time!
BBQ chicken pizza
Marinated Porkchops
Homemade Buffalo Wings
Steak nachos for game day
Fruit Crisp in the making
Banoffe Pie

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