Friday, November 23, 2012


Something about this time of day that sends my spirit into overdrive. It isn't twilight or dusk but the time when the sun subtly announces to the world that she will soon take leave. Her colors warm the sky and light beautifies the landscape. Its such a magical time of day and I appreciate every moment of it. At this time I am able to fully embrace the sun's rays and let them charge my whole body. Maybe this has to do with my new appreciation for meditation but I certainly perceive and feel things in a whole different light. Remember to always breath and to get in touch with yourself and the nature around you.


  1. The photos are beautiful! Are they your photos? If not, where did you get them from?

    Just dropping by to say hello :)



  2. I wish these were my photos! I guess the link didn't come through (gotta fix that) but I got them from Pinterest and used them as inspiration photos.

    Your blog is pretty inspiring :)