Monday, July 23, 2012

Compliments Can Be Misleading

Thought I would share a ridiculous excerpt from my Saturday afternoon. So there I was, on a sunny L.A day, headphones on, jamming along to Samantha James while waiting for the bus. I'm was so into the trance of music that I hardly noticed a figure approaching me. I look up and find myself facing this really tall guy who is looking me straight into the eyes. I take off my headphones and he says, "I just wanted to come over and tell you that you are really beautiful". It took me a few seconds to process that before I smiled shyly and said thank you. He walked away, and I smiled to myself thinking, that was unexpected but sweet. But I guessed I spoke to soon......(as always). About ten or so minutes later he comes over again. He smiles and says nervously, "I drew a picture of you, and thought I'd be a bit different with my approach."When he revealed his work my eyes widened in complete surprise (not the good kind either). My eyes had to be deceiving me because I found myself staring at a drawing of my A**!!!

Yes, this dude had actually drawn my a** as well as a thumbs up next to it. You guys, I was in so much shock I failed to speak for about a minute or so. He had the nerve to even draw a bit of the background that I was standing next to, but why even bother if my A** is your focal point!!!! He laughed at my expression and waited patiently for my response. It took a few failed attempts for me to come up with a semi comprehensible sentence. Finally, I settled with a, "errr, wow that's something I've never seen before". What I really wanted to do was cover my eyes in disbelief and scream out WHY?!. But I opted for a confused stare down with the sidewalk, while he seemed to find my shocked response as amusing and as a gateway to further explain himself. Yes, I thought, please explain as to why you drew my A** in such detail!! However, his explanation was no better. He explains, "I really love to draw curves, lines are so flat and boring and don't really inspire me." I actually laughed at this to which he continued, I think it's your jeans but also that top you're wearing. I saw you from afar and was like I need to draw her". As expected I responded with shocked silence as well as doing a quick double take over my outfit, which by the way was in no way revealing, just jeans and a long sleeve top! He proceeded with telling me his name and showing me some of his other works which I admitted were quite good and less provocative despite the current, bizarre situation. Although his strangeness was obviously noted, we had a pretty interesting conversation about art and other subject matters. Yet, that doesn't change the fact that he drew a picture of my A** as a pick up line! Too bad, he was cute and pretty smart but also a freak! I understand changing up the game, but I don't think most girls or anyone would fall for that. Regardless, I had an interesting (horrifying) 'laugh' and a bizarre encounter that I don't think I'll be forgetting anytime soon.


  1. I would LOVE it if some random stranger drew my a** from afar!

    1. ahhhh Roi, you probably would -_____-