Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Getty Villa

On Monday, a friend and I woke up early to visit the Getty Villa located in Malibu, California. It is modeled after a Roman country house in Herculaneum that was buried by the Mount Vesuvius eruption in A.D 79, and features architectural details that are based on other Roman homes in Herculaneum, Pompeii, and Stabiae. It was nice to get away from the city for a few hours and just stroll through the gardens of the villa. Being in the city for such a long time, one forgets about the aspects of nature, peace, and tranquility. I finally felt centered and able to breathe again from a long week of sleepless nights and studying. I really recommend a visit up here if you are from the L.A area, especially if looking for a quick fix to ease your mind. The museum is completely free with reservation, however parking is quite expensive-hmm that's how they get you. Anyhow, remember the metro is very cheap if you want another alternative, and you also have the opportunity to explore the rest of the beautiful Pacific Coast Highway. 

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