Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Walk Down Memory Lane

This isn't so much of a pleasant memory, but it does make me giggle at times. From ages five to nine I remember having the neighbors from hell. I would be sitting happily at the kitchen table watching Sailor Moon or coloring when I would hear constant screaming and breaking of things. Their yells echoed throughout the whole building and scared me numerous times. If one of my parents wasn't home, I sat by the television with the volume turned up, clutching my favorite teddy bear. There were other parents in the building with young kids who complained to the manager about how this wasn't healthy, but the landlord claimed she needed the money, so we all had to deal with it. We all knew that the family was at its breaking point with the twin drug dealers, psycho needy ex girlfriend, and party animal mom so everyone just left them alone and hoped their situation would get better. Every time we knew that a fight was to start my dad would turn on his stereo and play this song. I was always amazed on how it drowned out their voices, and soon enough we had the rest of the neighbors asking us to turn it up louder. Daddy, you always have the craziest ideas but somehow they work :)


  1. That is a great song for bad neighbors. Sometimes you just have to love crazy. Great post.

  2. Hannah, what a great bittersweet, nostalgic post. Makes me think back as well...


  3. Thanks you guys, ahha I'm still surprised people read what I post :)