Tuesday, November 8, 2011


The title says it all, but thought I would share a few recent laughs.

I think I have a problem, that is with ice cream, especially Ben n' Jerry's. I love their variety of flavors and how they never fail to disappoint my taste buds. I pretend like I don't keep count, but I'll just come clean and admit that I just tried my 50th flavor. There are about 110 flavors and new ones being invented, so while I am almost halfway through, let's take into account how times I like to eat my favorite flavors...per month. Let's celebrate "Late Night Snack", which has potato chips in it....Ridiculousness.

Don't trust cute little dogs. I love you Maxi but my leggings are shredded to pieces, and my calves have been sore for over a week, because you dragged me through the neighborhood at full speed chasing a non existent squirrel.

On Saturday Night I went out to get a few groceries. Standing in the dairy section, I was running the ingredients for my dad's birthday cheesecake through my head when I notice some guy standing in front of my shopping cart. He makes his way over to me, and says "Wow, I've never seen someone with such an organized shopping cart, the breads are stacked neatly, and all the fruits are arranged by size". Me: "Hahhha, I didn't even notice that". Guy: " I'm David, so do you go to school around here?" I was thinking he was a semi normal guy, and literally had to pinch myself from laughing hysterically over the shopping cart line...but no it just went all downhill from there.

I felt as if I was on some type of interview, after telling him my name it was question after question...literally. "Where do you go to school? What do you major in? What are your hobbies, goals in life, and what do you look for in a guy. Now, these questions are all fine, but don't you think it would be nice to let me answer. But really made the atmosphere weird was when he asked me my age. David claimed he may be a bit mature for me, but these situations always worked out well in the long run. I asked him what he meant and he responded, "You know, like with marriage". I felt like an idiot, because the whole time I wondered why he kept rushing through the questions as if he was checking off a checklist.

Pshhh, I'm only 18 and don't plan to get married for awhile. This was Ridiculousness.

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  1. Haha love this post!

    That guy sounded super creepy lol