Thursday, July 21, 2011

Return to La La Land

I am officially back home here in Los Angeles from Europe. All I can say is Wow...this trip was a total learning experience. My mom and I lived the "normal" European lifestyle for nearly a month. Every new destination we had to learn their means of transportation( metro, the Tube, bus, RER, water bus, vaporetto), currency( pound and euro), basic language skills(British slang, Spanish, French, Italian) and just how to blend in. Because of this we both agreed this vacation wasn't the "relaxing type" but more so an eye opener, not to mean we didn't enjoy it... we loved everything, its just that our itineraries was insane. I just wrote a post about each destination and by the time I had finished...I realized the post would have filled up 3 pages, so unfortunately I may have to post everything separately.

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