Friday, July 22, 2011

Offices to Let, BBC, and a Ruling Queen

Arriving in London was a total and complete culture shock. Because I assumed like every naive American that British People spoke English I didn't things would be that different; well besides the monarchy. Man was I wrong, and ahhha a bit ashamed of myself. What I noticed first was how well British people carried themselves, with a pre planned destination and an air of sophistication. Everyone was always on the go go go! And this wasn't just at the metro stations. I wasn't used to it so I sat in amazement watching it all. At 2 am I would randomly wake up to people "having a chat" or "smoking a fag". They say London is a place of its own where many come to find work or go to school, but to experience the real U.K you must explore outside this crazy city. Honestly I agree 100 percent with this statement and while I would have preferred more greenery or a slower pace I wouldn't have changed our travel plans because London is an amazing, historical, diverse, gem that one should see for themselves (although I don't think going next year during the 2012 Olympics would be best, with all the expensive lodging and massive amounts of crowds).

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