Monday, June 20, 2011

Lost Nation

I never really knew much about the country Korea up until last year. My cousin introduced me to Korean dramas and Kpop, but what really fascinated me was their language (it sounds so pretty or yeppeuji), FOOD, and culture. But the point of this post isn't to address my growing love for Korea or... ahem South Korea, but actually to give my thoughts on North Korea.

I will be honest and say that I never quite understood was was going on in this region. Yes, I learned about the Korean War in history class some time ago, but my mindset back then was just to get A's in all my classes without learning much; but don't worry I take my work seriously and actually have interest in it. Anyways I started doing some research, endless hours spent on the Internet, reading books, and watching documentaries. By the time I was done and everything soaked in I was horrified, close to tears but most of all just angry. I don't know if this has to do with anything about being a Christan but what disgusted me most was that these people worshiped their "leader" Kin Jong-il as if he was God. I was disgusted by the fact that living in the capital city of Pyongyang was a privilege, when citizens were barely being fed enough food or receiving regular medical attention. But this could be said for the entire region of North Korea! In fact when watching the documentaries and reading cases many North Koreans frequently praised their leader claiming that they were living a "privileged life".

And yes, I do understand that the U.S decided to have no ties whatsoever with North Korea and isolate them politically and economically, but I still can't help but feel bad. While I feel sorry for these people, and wish with every fiber of my being that I could somehow..possibly help out, I know that this evil place is pretty much untouchable. The reason I say this is because the North Koreans are is pure ignorance that keeps them bound. The government brainwashes these people from a young age with propaganda stating  that America is the enemy and you must hate them, and Kim Jong-il is the wonderful leader who has provided you with everything.

North Korea is banned from using cell phones, the internet, and having any other connections with the rest of the world. This is basic psychology, if you abstain someone from a certain thing or keep them in the dark and only promote certain teachings, ways of life, etc. they will be bound to agree with whatever you have taught...simply because they know nothing else. It doesn't matter the poor living conditions, food rationing, or lack of medial attention...most North Koreans are happy with how they are living. And whether they say these things in fear of the government or not...they are still prisoners.

I can go on for quite awhile, but I'll refrain and just conclude my thoughts...and ummm questions
  • knowledge is absolute power...too bad they aren't able to access any of it
  • Kim Jong-il must be either sick in the head, possessed, or...sick in the head
  • not to sound crazy, but isn't anyone trying to assassinate him?
  • do you think a peace treaty between North and South Korea will ever be signed?
I give my prayers to this country, and that changes will hopefully be made in the future


  1. Great post and I applaud your digging into this subject. Most may not also know that Kim Jong-il also possesses one of the largest Daffy Duck collections in the world. One of the best (or better said, worst) examples of tyranny that exists in the world today. North Korea rattles the saber of nuclear weapons to bully the world…inside the country the people are starving and greatly repressed.

    The game plan of the U.S. is to wait Kim out with sanctions rather than risk world war.

    Another highly enlightening post.

  2. Thank you!!! but ahhhhaa that really is ironic! And I never thought about it, but I agree with you about waiting it out, this would probably be best.

  3. I am actually impressed someone your age would even care about what going on in the world. Most teenagers are busy and worried about their own little worlds to care about current events and other issues around the world. You should read my post on this movie in Sudan you would probably love it.

  4. Oooh thank you so much! I've actually wanted to respond to you a long time ago and ask if you could me send me the direct link of the article from your blog...ahha bcause I wasn't able to find it.