Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Fyi, horrible quality
On May 5th, the moon made it's closet appearance to Earth. Or what the rest of the world referred to as the Supermoon. Scientists claimed it would be a spectacular natural phenomenon that everyone should go out and witness. Being someone who finds the night sky quite bewitching and not to mention a frequent full moon watcher myself, there was no way I was going to pass this opportunity up. So I headed over to the Griffith Park Observatory since I obviously was too broke make to make it down to Arizona, let alone Greece. I arrived around dusk, that ephemeral time of the day when the sky goes through a transition from light to dark. I find this period mesmerizing because I usually find myself reflecting, and by the time I look up a dark blue canvas fills the sky and I realize I have other affairs to focus on....Ha, I could go on forever. Anyhow, it was pretty evident that many people were aware of the Supermoon news since the crowds were large. So I walked upstairs, rounded a corner, and a small gasp escaped my lips. 

The moon shone luminously, the brightest I had ever seen, and made the Los Angeles backdrop look ten times better. I relished the moment for approximately two hours...yeah you could say I'm a moon lover. Also, besides my infatuation for the moon I almost had a few spams observing the professional photographers beside me at their work. Some of these guys had two or three other persons helping them hold equipment and finding the right balance and exposure settings to get the perfect shot. I found myself unable to blink as I stared at the amazing shots these photographers took. A whirlwind of questions and commentary raced through my mind with each snap of the shutter, "what model type is that?, "oooh looks pricey?", wow, it's so clear and vivid!", "wait, omg did I just see the moon's craters?", "Is this real life right now?", "that has to be some sort of instant photoshop...if that even exists",  and from there I had to hush myself and continue observing the photographers in awe. Finally, I left the observatory really appreciating all I was able to see that night as well acquiring a stronger itch to get my hands on a Dslr. 
The news crew even decided to come and get some footage
The two pictured moons have terrible quality and do no justice of it's real beauty


  1. What! I'm in Los Angeles now, I can't believe I missed this! Haha! Oh well...

    Looked like it was amazing =)

  2. Lol, Darn. But it probably will look more amazing in Australia by next year.