Saturday, April 7, 2012

Abounding Interests

I've been longing for a Dslr camera for almost two years now. Every time I get my hands on one, I snap thousands of pics and toy with the features until I drain the battery life. I guess you can say I have an interest in photography. Well, I always have, but never really payed much attention to this growing interest. I remember, while I was in Europe last summer, my mother asking me to take photos of a trillion monuments and getting quite impatient with me. I wanted to capture whatever was behind the lens with the perfect lighting and unique type of angles. The Eiffel Tower and Venice Canal are truly beautiful sites, yet I wanted these images to be be viewed a bit differently than what so many viewers were accustomed to perceiving on television...or even their own cameras. Yet, I don't aspire to shoot images and make them appear better than the original. Instead, I want to reveal the hidden beauty and character that our trained eyes aren't able to witness at first glance. For instance, the picture above was taken in Venice, Italy. It was about twilight, and I loved how the tall light fixtures shone against the pastel colored sky. In fact, I believe the lighting and the essence of the photo emits some sort of romanticism-or perhaps that's just my interpretation....wait, I took this photo, so it can sure as heck be understood anyway I want :) Anyhow, I'll surely be doing my best to get my hands on a Dslr and well as signing up for a introduction class over the summer. On the last note, no matter how busy you are, NEVER ignore or give up your interests or what you truly love!