Monday, October 24, 2011


My mother and I, while in London took a small group tour to Stonehenge. It was nice to leave the crazy hustle and bustle of the city and venture out into new territory. Once we left the city limits it was all rolling hills and green pastures, it took extreme will power to not yell for the driver to pull over so we could snap a few pics of all the greenery. The drive was about two hours, and when we got off the off ramp I started seeing these erect rocks coming into closer view.

For those that don't know Stonehenge is a stone monument and one of the world's most ancient sites. The mystery is how the monument was engineered and what was its true function. Archaeologists claim that it was aligned astrologically putting emphasis on the accurate solstice and equinox points. Many claim that it was a ceremonial site having some sort of spiritual meaning.

Whatever be the reason for Stonehenge purpose, standing in the presence of this thousands of years old monument was amazing. You find yourself aware of the many mysteries and your mind tries to come up with viable answers. But being the unusual person that I am, my first thought was nothing close close to logic or reasoning, but instead aliens, giants, or a few Paleolithic creatures. Yeah, sometimes I think on a different level..sometimes.


  1. Wow, this must have been amazing! I would love to see this someday :)

    xo erica

  2. i wanna go here someday.. this is so in my bucket list. and you're filipina, aren't you? :3

  3. Yah Stonehenge is so beautiful, I think everyone should see it sometime in life!

    But, woah how did you
    I'm half Filipina :)