Saturday, August 27, 2011


I never quite understood the phrase "All roads lead to Rome". But now just having spent almost a week here I think I know what they mean...or ahhha meant. Rome is the center of things or at least during the days of the Roman Empire. What I loved about Rome was it's diversity in means of things to do. On our first day we the beautiful Pantheon, Piazza Navona and its 3 fountains, discovered a beautiful Church ornated in gold (we stumbled upon many random churches while in Europe) ate pasta and gelato, then visited the Trevi Fountain. Not only are you able to get a real life history lesson but at the same time enjoy beautiful sites and great food. During our stay in Italy I personally found the Italians to be very friendly and helpful, and often engaging in their conversations. But the best highlights was getting a tour of Vatican City. The information our guide Michelle was giving us was amazing and overloading at the same time...but I loved every minute of it. Before we entered the amazing Sistine Chapel she told us the meaning of Michelangelo's great work(I know have a deeper respect for this artist....I mean Sculptor, more than I did before). But by far the best moment was climbing to the top of Castel St. Angelo( old fortress now museum) and seeing the most beautiful views of Rome or probably of my life was the perfect ending to this Amazing Trip.

The Pantheon
One of the many stolen obelisks
View from our hotel
Bella Tiber River

Sooo Delicious!

All water fountains are safe to drink from
Piazza Navona
This, definitely was the best Gelato we had in our life..from Venchi

Typical Italian breakfast

Castel St. Angelo
Many wedding photoshoots in front of Castel St. Angelo along The Tiber River

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