Saturday, August 13, 2011


Our first two days in Firenze (Florence) was complete madness. I advise anyone planning a future trip here to Never go during the summer. Besides the temperature being in the 100's some of the brick buildings are so close together that the streets retain heat all day long. Our hotel was steps away from the magnificent Duomo but I really couldn't breathe because their wasn't much ventilation. Although it sounds like I am complaining I am just saying this as a warning and offering nothing but the truth for those interested in going here. Besides this Florence is beautiful and the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance, and I would like to add that the architectural styles here are amazing as well. The world renown Uffizi gallery houses some of the best paintings (The birth of Venus by Botticelli was so fascinating to see in person). There is so much history here, you won't go anywhere in Florence without hearing the family name "Medici" being said by random tour guides, or fail to see any of their owned land or property. My personal highlight for visiting Florence was taking an evening passeggiata (evening stroll) along the Ponte Vecchio with a scoop of gelati in hand. Watching the sun set over the Arno river and discovering a classical group playing popular masterpieces in the Palazzo Vecchio was a perfect way to end our last night in Florence. 

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