Thursday, July 28, 2011


Ahhh Venezia, this haven type jewel on a lagoon is too beautiful. Yes it was heavily touristed,  humid, and smelled a bit but wouldn't you expect this during the summer? Besides I barely payed attention to all of this because the moment I stepped out of St. Lucia train station I was bewitched by Venice's grand canal. Something happened those two long days my mother and I stayed here. Our appetites got bigger and we ate and discovered the best gelati, we got lost so threw our itinerary out the window, this was the best idea because we ended up at the tip of the lagoon with perfect weather and the moon right over our shoulders.
(Take note of the # of pictured gelatos until's a bit shocking we consumed that much, haha!)


  1. Wow, so beautiful! I'm a new follower and I am also a Christian.

  2. loooks soooo beautiful! :) ;)