Monday, June 27, 2011

Au Revoir!

This is it, after all the months planning I'm about to leave for the huge Euro trip! Well, our flight is at 10 pm and I just wanted to say goodbye early. We have a stopover in Toronto, Canada and Will be arriving in London at 9 pm. Today is my actually first day of summer and I'll be spending it sleeping on a plane, but no worries I actually love planes :) I'm in so much shock that I'm going to these places that I don't even know where to put my excitement towards. Just the other day we booked a tour of Stonehenge, and I'm stoked for that since I really love nature and the majority of he places we are going are big cities. But if I go to any Internet Cafes, hopefully I'll be able to post pics and blog along the way of this trip...if not I'll just write a huge post filled with many pictures!

 Our Itinerary:
  • London (4 nights)
  • Paris (5 nights)
  • Venice (2 nights)
  • Florence (3 nights)
  • Rome (5 nights)

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